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CubeTape Strategic Partner: Deliver Value To Your Clients And Dollars To Your Bottom Line

Cubetape Strategic Partner Opportunities Deliver Recults August 22, 2019

By Tony Bauer As an experienced scale dealer and reseller, you’ve earned your customer’s trust in supplying and integrating often complex solutions. Inline with the industry trends, it’s likely that you’re increasingly seeing a need from your customers to measure freight, with SKU management that requires precise measurements, often with an accuracy requirement of one […]

3 Common WorldShip® and Ship Manager® Shipping Software Problems Solved by Cubetape

Shipping Software Problems | Cubetape August 8, 2019

By Barry Gebler UPS WorldShip® and FedEx Ship Manager® shipping software are used by shippers around the world to process their UPS and FedEx shipments quickly and accurately.   (note: UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manger could be hyperlinks to their descriptions on carrier web sites) As easy and efficient as these systems are to […]

How To Capture Master Data To Create Your SKU: Retailers Quick Guide

SKU | Cubetape July 24, 2019

By Gabrielle van Seumeren As a retailer, knowing how to create your SKU is important knowledge for the successful running of your store. A unique string of letters and numbers, the SKU is a product’s fingerprint, helping you to identify every product in your inventory and its specific details, like manufacturer, brand, price, style, colour […]

Cube Scanner Technology Designed For The Logistic Industry

Cube Scanner | Cubetape July 12, 2019

By Gabrielle van Seumeren Do you need accurate dimension measurements for your parcels, packages, pallets and more? The CubeTape mobile cube scanner offers accurate shipping costs every time.  What is CubeTape? CubeTape is an innovative integrated volumetric management device that delivers simple, fast and accurate capture of all shipment dimensions. Prior to 2007, it wasn’t […]

The Freight Dimensioner That Saves You Time And Money

The Freight Dimensioner That Saves You Time And Money | CubeTape June 27, 2019

By Don Newell Incorrect package or pallet dimensions are costing your business money. When shipping less than truckload (LTL) size packages it’s now even more important to have an easy to use dimensioner to measure your shipments. The introduction of dimensional weight pricing by major freight carriers has made precise freight measurements necessary, to accurately […]

Three Ways To Improve Warehouse Efficiency Using A Mobile Dimensioner

Warehouse Efficiency | CubeTape June 13, 2019

By John Levisohn Running an efficient warehouse can have significant benefits to your business bottom line. An efficiently run warehouse can help reduce distributions costs, increase productivity and improve customer service. There are a number of ways to achieve these positive outcomes and effective integration of a mobile dimensioner, to measure dimensional weight calculations, is […]

Supply Chain Management Problems – Innovations That Help

Supply Chain | CubeTape May 30, 2019

By Tony Bauer Without the right tools, Supply Chain Management can be an incredibly onerous task. As the industry evolves to keep pace with demands, new technologies and innovations are introduced, to increase performance and optimize resources. The freight industry is deploying many innovative items such as smart thermometers, trackers, sensors and other artificial intelligence […]

2019 USPS Dimensional Weight Rate Changes – What You Need To Know

USPS Dimensional Weight Image | CubeTape May 16, 2019

By Don Newell Earlier this year USPS dimensional weight charges were announced, changing how carrier mailing and shipping rates are calculate by USPS. This adjustment will affect everything from their First-Class Mail service to Priority Mail. This will be the biggest USPS rate increase in nearly thirty years, making it all the more important to […]

Calculate Package Dimensions Within Seconds – No More Customer Disputes

Package Dimensions | CubeTape April 26, 2019

By Tony Bauer Recent changes to delivery carrier mailing and shipping rates have made it increasingly important to ensure correct package dimensions are used to calculate shipping costs. With domestic parcel traffic increasing every year, most carriers are now calculating shipping rates using the dimensional weight of a package. What is dimensional weight? Dimensional weight […]

What is a Dimension Calculator? Cubic Calculator Explained

Cubetape C190SHP parcel dimensioner August 30, 2017

Cubetape® is an automated Dimension Calculator and calculates the Volumetric Weight or Dimensional Weight of pallets and parcels in seconds. What is a Dimension Calculator? A Dimension Calculator or Cubic Calculator calculates the Volumetric Weight or the Dimensional Weight of an object in order to arrive at its correct, billable weight or chargeable weight for […]

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