Cubiscan Static Dimensioning vs Cubetape Mobile Dimensioning

Cubetape® is the new dimension in freight management. Unlike Cubiscan static dimensioning, Cubetape is mobile, cost effective and gives accurate dimensioning on the road or in the depot – anywhere, anytime. Cubetape is dimensioning made simple.

Cubetape’s low cost entry level, mobile convenience, legal-for-trade accuracy and measuring speed means automated dimensioning (volumetric weight calculator) is now widely accessible across the Transport industry. Cubiscan’s static dimensioning (volumetric weight calculator) is cost prohibitive to a proportion of the industry exposing a percentage of businesses to costly errors and customer disputes over charges.

As well as being expensive, Cubiscan static dimensioning (volumetric weight calculator) can be invasive to depot workflow and has many dependencies in order to function. Cubetape fits in your pocket and measurements only take a few seconds. Cubiscan requires the freight to be fork lifted to the scanning area and wait in turn for the space to be available in the log schedule, Cubetape measures the freight where it is, saving time, space and money.

Cubetape Mobile Dimensioning vs Cubiscan Static Dimensioning

ITEM Cubetape Mobile Dimensioning Cubiscan Static Dimensioning
Cost $1,000 (approx) = 1% of Cubiscan cost $100,000 (approx) 100 times the cost of Cubetape
Depot space Requirement Nil – stows in pocket Minimum 30 feet square dedicated static space
Training 5 minutes Extensive training required
Extra personnel required No Yes: Cubiscan’s scanning station must be operated by a trained operator
Interruption to depot workflow No – Cubetape is mobile – volumetric weight measuring is done where freight stands, no log jams, no scheduling, no interruption to work flow Yes: Freight needs to be moved to scanning station via forklift, requiring freight be logged and scheduled and depot work flow to be reconfigured
Integration to back office systems Simple Complex
Speed Standard pallets are measured in 4 seconds Scanning is quick but delivering the freight to the scanning station via forklift can be very time consuming
Legal-for-trade accuracy 1/10 of an inch ½ an inch
Convenience Cubetape delivers Mobile Dimensioning to a maximum of 30 feet, enabling dimensioning of all shipments easily and efficiently– on the road, in the depot, any time anywhere in 4- 10 seconds. Cubiscan static dimensioning is inflexible, must be performed in depot where there is a static area for freight to fit into – if it doesn’t fit in the area it can’t be scanned automatically. Cubiscan cannot give measurements on the road.

Cubetape is dimensioning (volumetric weight calculating) made simple.

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DB Schenker
Australia Post